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3 Reasons to Commission your Next Gift

June 20, 2017

The sentiments behind gifting can often be overwhelmed by the stress of finding the perfect gift. Many of us have experienced the crushing exhaustion of choice — browsing store after store, and trawling through repetitive listings on the web to no avail — before finally pulling the trigger at the last minute on something okay, because it qualifies for 2-day Amazon Prime shipping. But why look so hard for something perfect, when you can just get it made? Welcome to the wonderful world of commissioning.


1. Create something unique, intimate and thoughtful


Imagine the thrill of receiving something one of a kind… In our view, even the smallest gifts take on a luxurious cast when personalised, evoking a deeper emotional response from the receiver. Restore the romance and intimacy to gift-giving by creating something extraordinary, perhaps a memory, an inside joke, or a sentiment given form.


Credit: Peep N Press


2. Be surprised by the possibilities


If you shop where everyone is shopping, you can only buy what everyone is buying. However, in the world of commissions, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination (okay, and maybe physics). So set a budget, time frame, chat with some creators and let your fantasies take flight. There is something for everyone and every budget ranging from tiny tokens to full-blown luxury.


Credit: Choo Yilin


3. The journey (process!) is also the reward


Perhaps you’re considering several different ideas; you already have a mood board on pinterest; or you simply have a concept you wish to explore, the most talented creators can realize your vision, or even guide, evolve and refine it. Often, a successful commission can feel like a fulfilling creative experience, with the process of creation adding a layer of significance for both the giver and the receiver. Trust us, you will never tire of telling the story of how you came to own a sculpture of you slaying a dragon!




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3 Reasons to Commission your Next Gift

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