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LovE All,

Create All

We look for all types of creators on Comish. Whether you are a sculptor, painter, illustrator, comic book artist, leather maker, watch maker, knitter, or anything kind of maker; whether you are full time or side time, if you take commissions, you are perfect for Comish.

Always in Control.

Creators have full control of what types of commissions they are willing to do. You will have your own profile page with examples of your work and can set packages for specific types of commissions you’re willing to do.


Even after a buyer has ordered a commission, it’s up to you to accept. And before the commission has begun, milestones, delivery dates, and number of revisions permitted are set. 

A world of Commissions

Comish is a platform for artists, craftsmen, and creators to get and manage custom commissions.

Personalised and custom commissions are great, when they go well.

We are here to help make sure they do.

Join us and see what we can do together.

Keep track of it all.

You will have your own Commission Journal that keeps track of all of your current commissions and enquiries. Here you will have a record of all of your communications as well as the original agreement and all previous versions and revisions. 

Buyers pay for a commission in full before you even accept it. So when you do start that commission, you can rest assured that you will get paid. Funds will be released upon delivery of the commission. If in the rare event that you don’t see eye-to-eye with the buyer, we will step in to find an amicable solution for all.

Get paid,

no matter what.

Tiered Payments

For each commission, a small percentage of the price of the commission will be paid to Comish. We aim to make sure that you keep as much of your hard earned money as possible, which is why we have a tiered system of fees.

Buyers looking for Creators

Looking for commissions? Browse through our listing board and bid on jobs that Buyers post.