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We are terrible at finding gifts. People either have everything, or they don’t want anything, or they probably already have something like it. That’s actually why we came up with Comish. 


Instead of finding gifts, Comish finds talented artists and creators from around the world who can create gifts that are more unique and meaningful.

The perfect gift May Not exist.


Commission anything with Comish


to Create.

Whether you have a great idea for something extraordinary or just the seed of a thought, a good creative collaboration can be just what you're looking for.


We'll match you with a talented creator to help bring your vision to life. Tell us what's on your mind, set your budget and deadline, and we’ll help find you the perfect collaborator. 


Enjoy the unexpected.

Commissions can evolve from what you originally had in mind to something you love even more.  But we also know that sometimes things don’t turn out the way you’d like, which is why we hold all payments in escrow and only release them when you’re happy with your commission. 

Commission anything.

We are always finding new creators with unique and interesting skills so you can commission something unexpected and extraordinary

So whether you want a design for a couples tattoo, a sculpture of you riding a stallion, or even a comic book featuring your daughter as a superhero, we can find a creator who's right for you.